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Crypto.com Review

For this Crypto.com review, our team looked at dozens of factors to make an overall assessment of how well the app works compared to its competitors. Speaking of competitors, we also did a Crypto.com vs Coinbase comparison, looked at how the Crypto.com wallet stacks up, evaluated Crypto.com fees based on industry standards, and rendered our general verdict on the exchange (which is really more of a glorified app with a ton of functionality).

Quick History

Since 2016, the founders of Crypto.com have worked hard to make the app and all its related services a central location for people who want to trade, invest, save, and speculate in the cryptocurrency market. One of their other goals was to serve the entire community of crypto enthusiasts, not just beginners or advanced users.

Pros and Cons

No Crypto.com review is complete without an objective list of pros and cons. Here’s what our staff found when working with the exchange and putting it through the paces:


  • Generally, Crypto.com fees are lower than the industry average.
  • Users can earn significant rewards with the Crypto.com Visa card when they spend with it at various retail establishments both online and off.
  • For U.S. users, the number of cryptocurrencies available for trading, buying, and selling exceeds 90.
  • Account holders can earn compound interest on their holdings.


  • All in all, the exchange is pretty short on educational resources.
  • Sometimes, the customer-service reps don’t respond quickly.
  • You’ll have to see which coins are available in your home U.S. state because the menu varies from state to state.
  • If you don’t hold the exchange’s native cryptocurrency, CRO, then you’ll end up paying more substantial fees if you are a low-volume user.
  • There’s relatively weak live support for users of the app.

Safety & Legitimacy

Whenever new users hear about a cryptocurrency exchange or app, they understandably wonder about legitimacy and safety. If you’re asking “Is Crypto.com safe?,” then you can rest assured the exchange is as safe or safer than the vast majority of its competitors. Why? For starters, there’s never been a hack or major breach of the exchange. Plus, if you’re a U.S. customer, all your deposited funds are backed by the FDIC up to a quarter-million dollars. So, there are really no worries about the safety of funds even if you leave them in the wallet on the platform. Sometimes it can seem like overkill to go through 2FA (two-factor authentication) just to access your account. But, that step is a major reason there have been zero security problems at Crypto.com since the exchange began operations in 2016. Additionally, all user funds on the platform are kept in a cold, secure storage facility (a virtual one, of course, because we’re talking about an intangible asset here).

Partnership With Ledger

If you’re heard of the top-rated cold-storage wallet, Ledger, it’s of interest to note that Crypto.com has built a special partnership with the company to enhance wallet security for all account holders in a number of ways, some of which are “top secret” so that hackers don’t know what they are and will be less able to breach them.

The Wallet

Another part of the answer to the question, “Is Crypto.com safe?,” is related to the Crypto.com wallet, which is one of the more secure compared with what competitors have to offer. As a user, you have complete control of your cryptocurrency and the keys to unlock the account. The wallet is an enhanced non-custodial version of standard digital wallets.

 Even for new users, it’s simple enough to manage more than 100 different coins, import their existing wallets, send crypto to your designated destination, earn interest on more than 36 coins without having to endure a “holding period,” swap coins, and earn money by staking various alt-coins.

Compared Against Coinbase


Taking a look at the Crypto.com vs Coinbase comparison, it’s easy to see that the two have a lot in common, like native coins, high security, and excellent digital wallets. One big difference is that Coinbase’s coin is tied to the U.S. dollar and never changes in value. The Crypto.com native coin, CRO, does change in value, which can be good or bad, depending how prices move.


On the plus side for Crypto.com, they offer rewards and interest of various types while Coinbase does not. Additionally, Crypto.com has lower fees overall compared to Coinbase. As for Coinbase, they do offer the chance for users to earn cryptocurrency by using the educational materials on the site and are, overall, an easier exchange to use for newcomers.

Fees & Charges

There are “maker” and “taker” fees, which every Crypto.com review should note, but many don’t. If you’re a taker, it means you can immediately find another half to your transaction. If you need to place your “wanted” or “selling” post and wait for a reply, then you’re a maker. This terminology is a relic of traditional stock-brokerage lingo and is still in widespread use.

 The point is this: maker fees on Crypto.com range from .04 percent to .4 percent. For takers, the range is .1 to .4 percent, slightly higher. There’s a 2.99 percent fee if you use a credit card to buy crypto. You can trade up to 30 times per month but not in excess of $1 million, which is not a restriction that means anything for the majority of everyday users.

Pertinent Facts & Features

Crypto.com currently offers 91 different cryptocurrencies for buyers and sellers, but buying and selling are not the only two things you can do. Besides those activities, account holders can exchange, withdraw, receive, and send cryptocurrency.


Encryption and Education

For tech-minded traders who like to know security details, the 2FA wallet is encrypted with AES-256, one of the most secure formats in the alt-coin industry. Some new customers find it unusual that Crypto.com does not have a tab labeled “Educational Materials,” but there’s a very good reason for the omission.

 It’s because the founders and owners of the exchange decided long ago that they wanted to concentrate on offering cryptocurrency services and products, not educational resources. Of course, they don’t leave you out in the cold because there is a very detailed “knowledge base,” the carefully explains how to use all functions of the platform.



Instead of building up a massive educational center, the Crypto.com folks chose to offer some top-notch products to its users. One of the most popular is the Visa card that has an interesting reward setup whereby users can get up to eight percent in rewards (pain in the native coin, CRO) on most purchases.

 Other products include the “Crypto-Earn” feature, for which you must store at least some of your account balance on the platform. If you do, you can earn 12 percent interest on the balance. The “Crypto-Pay” feature lets users purchase gift cards with most varieties of cryptocurrency and pay online retailers with crypto (the ones who allow it, anyway).

Final Look

If you’re in search of an exchange and app where you can do all the simple things and many advanced tasks, Crypto.com is one of the best. It’s quite easy for those brand-new to cryptocurrency to jump right in and buy, spend, and exchange various alt-coins. Compared to most of its competitors, Crypto.com is a one-stop kind of exchange that gets the job done, offers a large number of coins, features very high security, provides account insurance, and has several products that others do not (like the Visa card, Crypto-Pay, and Crypto Earn).

The bottom line is this: Crypto.com comes with competitively low fees for most of its services, a very high ease-of-use factor, a commendable menu of popular alt-coins to satisfy most tastes, and an app that is not a challenge to use. On both the mobile app and the desktop version, navigation is simple and straightforward. Add in the many rewards you can earn at Crypto.com, and the exchange is clearly one of the top 10 out of hundreds of competitors in the niche.

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